Detail of Hudson River School painting, artist unknown, ~1890

The Property

Hosack Farm and its 90+ acres of land represent a small part of the former Vanderbilt Farm complex that encompassed hundreds of acres east of Route 9 in Hyde Park, NY. Hosack Farm offers a historic example of a romantic landscape, created during the Vanderbilt ownership.

property map

The Romantic Landscape

A 15 year Master Plan is guiding the restoration of the landscape. The owner is working with a highly regarded horticulturalist and landscape expert, to restore the property. The concept is to restore the landscape to something approximate to the Vanderbilt ownership, editing out invasive plants or trees and adding other elements.
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The Gardens

The landscape near the house has a variety of gardens which are both: linear and formal; and natural and irregular. The Arbor, which extends from the North side of the house, is a formal English style, modeled on an Edwin Lutyens garden. At the rear edge of the house, near the back porch, is a small area with potted plants of various types including a Brown turkey fig tree and roses.
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The Orchard

The orchard, first planted in 2004, now has approximately 45 heirloom or hybrid fruit trees in production – apples, peaches, plums, asian pear, and mulberry. 2008 gave us our first orchard harvest.
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