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Hosack Farm
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Hosack Farm

The purpose of this site is to document the restoration of a great American house and landscape, designed by McKim, Mead & White, and nearly forgotten. It also offers a reminder of a more romantic period of American life.

The Hudson River Valley has remarkable beauty and dozens of similar properties, many still in need of preservation. We want to encourage private restoration and preservation.

The restoration of this property represents several things to us. It shows how history can be preserved by individuals, not just large institutions. It suggests the means to do so, through careful planning, legal action and support from the surrounding community. This project also allowed us to revisit the farm life and farming traditions of my youth.

Further, this project enabled the exploration of an important period of American history and a cultural aesthetic. Maybe the most important thing is it helped assure the protection of the property through another generation. An unexpected benefit was the chance to connect a community of people who owned, lived, restored or worked on this lovely property.