Farm managers and hands

Hosack Farm History

Hosack Farm is owned by a couple who purchased the Howard Mansion in 2000 and a year later acquired 90+ net acres of land representing part of the former Vanderbilt Farm.

The property is named in honor of David Hosack, physician, protégé, eventual business partner of the eminent Dr. Samuel Bard, and the first person to bring European-style landscape architecture to the United States. Dr. Hosack was the founder of Manhattan's Elgin Botanical Garden (where Rockefeller Center now stands), and was responsible for introducing many new varieties of plants to the United States, including several apple tree varieties.

David Hosack

David Hosack was born in 1769 in New York City. He attended King's College — now known as Columbia University — where he became interested in medicine. Dr. Hosack later transferred to Princeton where he became influenced by the work of noted physician Samuel Bard.
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The Vanderbilts

The current Hosack Farm, bounded by Crum Elbow Creek and effaced by a small housing development, represents a fraction of the original Vanderbilt Farm. The Hosack property was later sold to the Langans and subsequently acquired by the Vanderbilts in the 1890's who constructed their famous mansion, several outer buildings, and a farm complex.
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