Our thanks to the many people who contributed to the restoration of this property.

David Yum
Architect/Designer, David Yum Architects
New York, NY

John LaTorre
General Contractor, La Torre Construction
Kingston, NY

Terry Griffen
General Contractor, Griffen Construction
Red Hook, NY

Tim Steinhoff
Horticulture & Landscape Restoration, Steinhoff Consulting
Germantown, NY

Luis Maita
Stonemason, Maita Construction
Danbury, CT

Alan Haigh
Orchardist, The Home Orchard Company
Carmel, NY

Carl Schott
Painter, C&S Painting
Red Hook, NY

Frank Futral
Curator, Roosevelt-Vanderbilt Historic Site
Hyde Park, NY

Lucy Vaughn Fleming
Previous Resident
Flemington, NJ

Valerie & Lyell Dampeer
Neighbors, The Wales House
Hyde Park, NY

Lew Louis
Attorney, Lewis & Greer
Poughkeepsie, NY

Kevin Barry
Poughkeepsie, NY

Doug Ramey
Forester, East-West Forestry
LaGrangeville, NY

Patti Brooks
Surveyor, Brooks & Brooks
Highland, NY

Factory Hill Group
Website Developers
Philmont, NY