Howard Mansion

Land Conservancy

Hosack Farm is part of the Dutchess County Land Conservancy, a private organization dedicated to preserving natural spaces, such as forests, farmland, and wildlife habitats for future generations to enjoy. Land is protected with conservation easements — a legally binding agreement that restricts certain types of development for conservation purposes. Development is restricted in perpetuity, but the land remains under private ownership. Property owners are allowed to live on and use their land. The Dutchess County Land Conservancy has preserved over 27,000 acres to date.

National Register of Historic Places

Hosack Farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The register is part of a national program to help state and local organizations identify and protect historic and archeological resources. Once a property is added to the register, it is eligible for federal assistance such as preservation grants, tax credits, and conservation easements to help coordinate preservation efforts.

About Hosack Farm

Hosack Farm and its 95 acres represent a small part of the former Vanderbilt farm complex that once encompassed hundreds of acres in Hyde Park, New York. Hosack Farm offers a historic example of the romantic landscape, designed and shaped during the Vanderbilt ownership.

The mansion and landscape are under restoration based on a 15-year Master Plan, working closely with a leading architect, a noted horticulturalist, and skilled artisans.

We hope that you enjoy this brief glimpse of the property.

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