The gardener's tools of trade

The Gardens

The Formal Mansion Gardens
The landscape near the house has a variety of gardens which are both: linear and formal; and natural and irregular. In front of the house there is a formal English design with boxwood and large planters. But, it is equally a peony garden comprised of both herbaceous and tree peonies from China. For 2 weeks in June, there is a remarkable floral display, and then it's gone, with the first burst of heat. Border gardens surround the south patio and line the long stone wall. Across the driveway from the house is a French style herb or cutting garden, which is used throughout the year. A rock garden sits in the center of the driveway turnaround and is covered with historic plantings, including several types of sedum, wildflowers and low bush blueberries. view photos »

The Arbor
The Arbor, which extends from the North side of the house, is a formal English style, modeled on a Edwin Lutyens garden. It is a formal design, with large scale climbers and other plantings inside the arbor, but in a somewhat casual or loose array. This trellis garden was put in only 2 years ago. There is also the use of planters inside the pool area, which is a French influenced treatment. At the rear edge of the house, near the back porch, is a small area with potted plants of various types including a Brown turkey fig tree and roses. The fern hanging on the back porch is a nod to the Victorian past.
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The Woodland
Hosack Farm's Woodland are features native perennials and heirloom plants. The southern section of the property has an Adirondack character with moss-covered rock formations. Along the entrance road, a cascading creek (and waterfall in Spring), are surrounded by hemlocks, trout lilies and ferns. A pond, farther back in the woods, surrounded by large boulders and Hemlocks offers a place for a reflection. view photos »